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Rider Safety

Air Jackets

Inflatable jackets that are attached to your saddle. In the event of a fall, the saddle attachement and lanyard will detach from the jacket triggering the air canister. The jacket will inflate like a balloon, protecting your body from the impact of the fall. Different styles of air jackets inflate in different ways and are more suited to certain disciplines, but ultimately the goal is the same, to offer the rider as much protection as possible.

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Seaver Safefit Airbag Vest

2 colours available

Hit Air MLV3 Air Vest Navy
Hit Air
Hit Air MLV3 Air Vest Sale price£458.00

2 colours available

1 colour available

Hit Air VH Advantage Air Jacket

1 colour available

Hit Air MLV2 Florescent Air Vest with Back Padding

1 colour available